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Why Resolve Is Thriving In These Uncertain Times

Resolve Mining Solutions Embedded Work TeamWork environments have changed quickly over the last six weeks, which has seen many businesses needing to adopt new processes on the fly, as well as transition to new software and rapidly evolving expectations around deliverable outcomes.

Our Resolve Mining Solutions team approached the changing situation with confidence. In both the capacity of embedded workers, and projects that we were undertaking as consultants, we felt we had a solid business foundation focused on problem-solving and quality services. This was underpinned by nimble, adaptable processes that to-date we had easily customised to work with each of our clients’ requirements.
It has quickly become apparent that the business protocols around which our business has been developed, are allowing us to thrive in these uncertain and testing times. By successfully supporting Australia’s mining industry, our Resolve Mining Solutions team is helping to keep our industry and nation ahead of the curve.
It is worth unpacking what is happening at Resolve that has seen our business continue to flourish in this Covid-19 environment of social distancing, isolation, and remote working.
Firstly, it is about our team. The people we have chosen to join our business have been picked because of their attitude and aptitude. They are certainly experienced mining professionals, but importantly they also possess the personality traits of being; focused, motivated, solution-oriented, and flexible in their approach to work. These traits put them in a strong position to be able to deliver work outcomes despite varying and often challenging work environments. Our team also has significant experience in working remotely. When developing our Resolve business framework, we were determined to not let distance or location become a barrier to working with the best person for the job. This has meant that remote working has always been our standard practice. Our team is trained and resourced to operate in exactly this environment, so for most of Resolve’s team, forced remote working has been just ‘another day in the office’.
The breadth of highly skilled and experienced people in Resolve’s nationwide network has meant that when needed help is not far away. Our depth of talent has also meant our team is able to assist in all aspects of mining operations or projects, at any scale, from detailed designs and schedules through to daily operational requirements.
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