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Marcus Doyle founded Resolve Mining Solutions after working as a General Manager at both National and International mining operations. As the Director of Resolve Mining Solutions, he has strong leadership skills and an innovative vision to develop a company that delivers sustainable results. By building an inspired and aligned team, Marcus is instilling a refreshing culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and accountability.

The Resolve team have been in the hiring position as mine managers project directors, and understand the obstacles they face. They have made it their mission to meet the mining industry’s demand for top management and engineering professionals.

Our Experts


Our Company
Founder, Director & General Manager
Marcus Doyle
Marcus is a mining professional with extensive international experience in operational management, specialising in safety management, business turnaround, strategic planning and execution, productivity improvement and team development.

Our Company
Mining Manager
Bart Jesionek
Bart has had great success with mine planning, stakeholder management and is an advocate of positive change management and continuous operational improvement, aiming to create maximum returns for the ventures he takes part in.

John Nolan Resolve Mining Solutions
Consulting Manager
John Nolan
John has a remarkable depth of industry experience and knowledge. With over thirty years working both offshore and within Australia, John has a sharp eye for strategy and a deep understanding and technical know-how across the mining industry.

Our Company
Principal Mining Consultant - Caving
Claudia Vejrazka
With experience in Australia and Germany, Claudia’s expertise covers underground and open-cut mine design and planning, order of magnitude and feasibility, project execution, operations and mine closure. Claudia is renowned for her effective design thinking.

Andrew Hutson Mining Engineer
Senior Principal Mining Consultant
Andrew Hutson
Andrew is a mining engineer with over 30 years of experience across all facets of the mining industry, working on projects in both Australia and Africa and across numerous commodities. Andrew has a wealth of expertise, having worked for both owner-mining and contracting operations.

Luke Stannard Resolve Mining Solutions
Process Manager
Luke Stannard
Luke has wide-ranging experience as a mining industry management professional in operational, project and corporate roles. Luke is a solution-seeker. He adds value to operations by maximising at-hand resources, developing stakeholder engagement and improving capabilities.

Resolve Mining Solutions Consultants Cameron Gottaas
Mining Engineer
Cameron Gottaas
Cameron has extensive experience as a production engineer, having worked on small scale narrow vein gold right through to large base metal operations. With deep knowledge of mining his skills cover all aspects of design, planning, scheduling, production and managing advanced mining systems.

Resolve Mining Solutions Consultants Sarah Traeger
Senior Mine Geologist
Sarah Traegar
Sarah has worked across varying operations including the unique experience of seeing through a project at Tarcoola Gold Operation, from start-up to completion which saw her excelling in multiple disciplines including geology, survey, geotechnical support, planning and team management.

Resolve Mining Solutions James Flynn
Senior Mining Engineer
James Flynn
James is an experienced Senior Mining Engineer with a proven track record in a variety of roles in Underground Metalliferous operations in remote sites in Australia and Africa. James has a talent for technical work and implementing change and leading in a team-based environment.

Resolve Mining Solutions Consultants Nicholas Dawes
Mining Engineer
Nicholas Dawes
Nicholas Dawes has vast experience at both underground and open-cut mines. His superior understanding of project management, mine design, operations and planning is coupled with his ongoing ambition to achieve the highest standard of technical expertise in all aspects of engineering.

Resolve Mining Solutions Consultants Riaan Smith
Mining Engineer
Riaan Smith
Riaan is an enthusiastic and motivated Mining Engineer. As a natural leader and communicator, Riaan's advanced technological know-how and broad project understanding have successfully aligned many project objectives and budgets with stakeholder requirements.

Resolve Mining Solutions Consultants
Senior Mining Engineer
Stephen Harmer
Stephen offers a diverse set of technical, studies, and leadership roles across short, medium, and long term mine planning horizons. He has outstanding technical skills and is particularly passionate about complex mine planning work, with a strong passion for problem-solving and continuous sustainable improvement.

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Resolve Performance

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Resolve Mining Solutions operate by a philosophy of continual improvement, and are committed to developing their team to their highest potential through extensive internal mentorship and training.

Our Experts
Countries Worked In
Our team have gained significant experience working in mines all around the world.
Our Experts
Years Of Experience
Our leadership team has combined an impressive 140 years of mine management experience.
Our Experts
Staff Rentention Rate
As we work with our staff to ensure job satisfaction we have an impressive retention rate of 94% for our team.
Our Experts
Current Embedded Locations
Resolve's team of mining professionals can be found at mines throughout Australia. Currently, we are undertaking projects or filling roles at 10 different mine sites.

This company-wide dedication to performance is the underlying factor that delivers extraordinary results to Resolve’s clients.


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