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Resolve’s Senior Mining Consultant
Daniel Rooks

Resolve Mining Solutions Consultants Daniel Rook

Meet Daniel Rooks. A new team member here at Resolve Mining Solutions. Daniel is a professional mining engineer with over 13 years of post-graduate experience in the hard rock mining industry.

Having worked as both a mining engineer and in operational supervisory and management roles, Daniel contributes a refreshing insight and perspective into his projects.

Dan has effectively contributed to improving project outcomes with outstanding communication skills and building strong professional and personal relationships through his great understanding of mining methods, best practice procedures, and engineering design. His experience covers both contractor roles and client positions, including statutory positions.

Previously Daniel has worked with;

  • Redpath Australia; Rothsay
  • PYBAR Mining Services; Hamlet, Thanlanga, Vivien
  • Ramelius Resources; Vivien
  • Leighton Contractors; Cosmo Deeps
  • HWE Mining Contractors; Challenger, Yandie

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Daniel has outstanding qualifications, including an M.Eng Mining Engineering and B.Eng Mineral Surveying and Resource Management from Cambourne School of Mines in Cornwall, UK. In addition to this, he has Certificate IV in Project Management, WA First Class Mine Managers Certificate of Competency and has done Leaders Courses in; HR Management, Safety Leadership, Front Line Management, Employee Relations Management and Foundations of Management.