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Founder of Resolve Mining Solutions
Finalist in BNA Melbourne Young Entrepreneur Awards

Finalist in Melbourne Young Entrepreneur Awards

Marcus Doyle, Founder of Resolve Business Solutions was named as a finalist in the 2019 Business News Australia (BNA) Melbourne Young Entrepreneur Awards and achieved 41st place in the BNA Top 100 Australian Young Entrepreneurs in 2019.

Marcus started Resolve Mining Solutions with a plan to disrupt the traditional hiring methods in the Australian mining industry. With declining numbers of mining professionals graduating from Universities and the increasingly unsatisfying merry-go-round of contract employment, Marcus identified a significant and growing opportunity in the market to provide a highly qualified team or high-quality staff in a more secure and reliable way.

Offering mining companies a solution that is nimble, responsive and flexible has see Marcus grow his business at an impressive rate.

The majority of Marcus’s team are full-time employees of Resolve Mining Solutions. This gives Marcus the capability to offer great opportunities to both his staff and the companies that choose to work with them.

“We offer our team great opportunities for career development. The way we work means that we can offer our team plenty of flexibility and loads of opportunities to develop and grow their professional experience. We also offer a mentor program to our team, ensuring they are performing at their best.” says Resolve Mining Solutions Founder, Marcus Doyle.

This approach has proved fruitful with the Resolve team growing to over 20 within 18 months of inception.

“The environment that we offer our team has meant that we have been able to cherry-pick our employees from the best-of-the-best in our industry,” says Doyle.

Early growth for Resolve was accelerated with key mining companies Glencore and BHP quickly became fans of their way of working. Glencore became a client in Resolve’s first few months of operation while BHP signed in early 2019. Their client list has quickly expanded throughout 2019 to include most of Australia’s key players in the mining industry.

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